SAM SCOUFOS - Photographer / Cinematographer

Originally from California, Sam grew up on skateboards, played a lot of baseball and made home movies with the neighborhood kids. Later, as a teenager he would enjoy playing saxophone in the smoke filled clubs of San Francisco with his 10 piece swing band. Even later he would realise that trains in rural France only stop briefly and jumping from one is not a good idea unless your future wife happens to be on the platform. Currently he enjoys making pictures for a living and hanging with nice people.

His work has been selected in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize (Finalist), the Win Schubert Josephine Ulrick Photography Award, the Clayton Utz Art Award and the Moreton Bay Art Awards. In 2014, Sam has been selected as a finalist for 38th Alice Prize, the Duo Magazine Percival Photographic Prize, the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and the Sunshine Coast Art Prize. More?